New home for a tatted primrose

You know how it is when you’re reading someone’s blog, and you find yourself with a spare 5 minutes, and then suddenly you’re off elsewhere peeking into someone else’s life? In the summer I was reading Attic24‘s colourful crochet blog, and had a wander through the links in the side bar. I came across the Little Pink Room – and actually, you know what made me love it? It was this post talking about the messy bits in houses that you never see through the window of the internet.

It made me smile, mainly as I’d just been wracked with jealousy over the sofa in this post. It’s sort of nice to know that other people’s houses aren’t as perfect as you might think, and that y’know… Your own house might not be brilliant, but there’s *some* bits of it that are ok, and sometimes that just has to be enough.

Anyway. To cut a long story short, I chatted on email to A, the owner of the room(s) and the blog in question. She’d never seen tatting in real life, and as a tatter that tats and has no idea what to do with it, I said I’d post her some.

Tatted flowers 2

I made the middle bit of a Mary Konior Primrose path doily – mainly thinking that it’s the sort of size you could so something with, rather than it being an end in itself. I thought it might be more useful.

Anyway – it’s found a lovely new home! How exceptionally nice! And, A, you are more than welcome.

In other news, I’ve been making toys for the children of my old flatmates. I met the children a few weeks ago and have been desperately trying to get these finished ever since…

B's elephant

I wanted to make something I could count on working, so yes, it’s another elephant – the fifth! Such a good pattern though, and fun to make – all except sewing the head on, which almost reduces me to tears every time. It’s *really* annoying and fiddley.

I’m also getting close to finishing a monkey – yes another one…

Z's monkey

I quite like this little chap. That’s the second mouth – I’m really picky with mouths and eye placement – it makes a massive difference to the final character. The first was too serious. A bit grown up. This one feels a bit more friendly, and just a tiny bit cheeky – a bit like the little chap he’ll be living with.

And work continues on the broomstick lace scarf. How it’s taking so long i just don’t know. Every other comment I read from other people who’ve made it seems to make out like they practically finished it before they started. Still. It’ll be nice when it’s done – and oddly, I’m still enjoying making it.

scarf ongoing

And finally – for any UK tatters out there – I ordered a book of snowflakes from Roseground and they’ve sold out. They even went to a fair to try and buy more in person and their suppliers had sold out too. I asked it I could swap it for a different book of snowflakes and they have none of that left either! So it sounds like there’s a blizzard of tatted snowflakes on the way this winter.

In the meantime, I’ve ordered Jon’s Tatted Snowflake collection as I’m taking a wee break and I wanted some small but interesting little things to make on the journey. If I can remember how to work a SCMR, all will be well. I’ll let you know.

3 thoughts on “New home for a tatted primrose

  1. Denise, you are so talented! I love those animals… you should sell on Folksy or Etsy. Thanks again for the tatting. I’m glad we have found a suitable place for it so that it can be enjoyed everyday. A x

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