Stress bunnies


You know when you have a lot on your mind and you can’t sit idle but you can’t concentrate on anything either? That’s when simple patterns really come in to their own. Just basic counting, with the odd ‘knit 2 together’ or something every now and again. I made one of these last weekend for a gift, another because I wanted to check the previous one wasn’t a fluke and another three to keep me busy in-between dealing with work-related phonecalls and emails.

I wont go in to the gory details but I am about to start a new contract… for a variety of reasons its been delayed several times, and thus I’m not working, but I’m not on holiday either. I need to be available to answer calls and emails, and perhaps have meetings, and so I can neither relax, nor work (nor make any money!). Its been a bit of a frustrating time. Last week was particularly frustrating and so while I couldn’t do nothing I couldn’t quite face starting something new either.


I found some odds and ends of wool that needed using up. I have to say that it’s a lot easier making these in soft wool than it is in cotton. It’s also a lot easier to stitch them together. Making so many arms and legs also gave me a chance to improve my i-cord knitting too.


I knitted them all flat and mattress-stitched them together, except for the one above. I knitted her in the round on DPNs. Can’t decide it it was better or worse really… Much more fiddly, but perhaps a neater finish? Its also a little harder to sew the face as you’re stitching into a tube. I think I’d say it depends on your attitude to DPNs – if you hate them its definitely not worth it!

I do love making the dresses though. They’re so simple but so detailed – the arm holes, the tiny button/loop and any kind of decoration you fancy.

The blue bunnies are made in the weirdest colour wool. I think on a good day you’d call it ‘duck egg’. On a bad day you’d call it ‘grubby’. If it’s next to something *really* white then you can see that it’s quite a nice pale blue. If its next to any other colour at all, it just looks like it was probably a nice colour once, but it’s got really dirty since. I’m not sure why I bought it – must’ve been one of the rare times when it really did look duck egg.


As promised, this is the finished iphone case – I said I’d blog it good or bad. In the end it’s turned out somewhere in the middle. Its not great looking, but its not awful either. It is exactly the right size though (luck, not design), and it’s quite dense fabric so works quite well. Its a basic Rowan 4 ply on 2.75 needles, so it’s quite thick. I finished it off with Kitchener Stitch – not particularly well, but that’s partly because I kept confusing myself. I think this video tutorial is really good – despite my general cackhandedness. Another plus – I’ve used up even more of the weird colour wool.

Again, if you want to make bunnies of your own, this is the pattern.

Hope you’ve all had great weekends. See you soon!

PS: Do any of you have any patterns you go to over n’ over? I tatt Mary Konior’s posy pattern on repeat quite a lot, and of course crochet the monkeys – but they’re just good gifts, rather then stress-busters…


Doing something (else) with my tatting

Bag close up
(side note – clicking any of these photos will make ’em bigger.)

Last year, when I decided I was producing a lot of tatting and it was about time to do something with it, I made some lavender bags. A complete sewing novice I thought they’d be a good place to start. Actually, they were… Tiny practice pieces, all a bit wonky, none of them with the motif actually in the middle. Luckily lavender smells lovely and if you squint a bit the wonkiness fades, so they do the job quite nicely.

After my quilting adventures, and an earlier attempt at a drawstring bag, I decided it was time to try something new with my tatting. Still all straight lines of course, but, you know – no point rushing in to curves!

Drawstring bag

I’m quite pleased with this. Made a few mistakes but learnt a bit too. I did have to unpick the sewing that holds in the drawstring about 5 times – it’s actually very tricky at that size on the machine. Next time I might do it by hand. I’ll also plan to sew on the tatting in advance rather than in the middle of everything, because I got so impatient with it!

I mentioned in my previous post that I finally sewed in the ends of a few pieces of tatting I’d had sitting about, including the Mary Konior pattern made in Valdini thread . I must admit, I really wasn’t that keen on the colours of it at all, but after blocking and sewing, I’ve changed my mind.

valdini bag

In the end, I just wanted to use it for something – anything really, and so I bashed out another lavender bag. I think I overstuff them usually, but this time I was a bit more sparing, and it makes it look a lot more professional! I think the linen knocks a bit of the garishness out of the colours – generally mutes it a bit. Now I’ve actually gone from not liking it much at all, to loving it!

So, all good. Room for improvement, but ok for a Sunday afternoon.

New home for a tatted primrose

You know how it is when you’re reading someone’s blog, and you find yourself with a spare 5 minutes, and then suddenly you’re off elsewhere peeking into someone else’s life? In the summer I was reading Attic24‘s colourful crochet blog, and had a wander through the links in the side bar. I came across the Little Pink Room – and actually, you know what made me love it? It was this post talking about the messy bits in houses that you never see through the window of the internet.

It made me smile, mainly as I’d just been wracked with jealousy over the sofa in this post. It’s sort of nice to know that other people’s houses aren’t as perfect as you might think, and that y’know… Your own house might not be brilliant, but there’s *some* bits of it that are ok, and sometimes that just has to be enough.

Anyway. To cut a long story short, I chatted on email to A, the owner of the room(s) and the blog in question. She’d never seen tatting in real life, and as a tatter that tats and has no idea what to do with it, I said I’d post her some.

Tatted flowers 2

I made the middle bit of a Mary Konior Primrose path doily – mainly thinking that it’s the sort of size you could so something with, rather than it being an end in itself. I thought it might be more useful.

Anyway – it’s found a lovely new home! How exceptionally nice! And, A, you are more than welcome.

In other news, I’ve been making toys for the children of my old flatmates. I met the children a few weeks ago and have been desperately trying to get these finished ever since…

B's elephant

I wanted to make something I could count on working, so yes, it’s another elephant – the fifth! Such a good pattern though, and fun to make – all except sewing the head on, which almost reduces me to tears every time. It’s *really* annoying and fiddley.

I’m also getting close to finishing a monkey – yes another one…

Z's monkey

I quite like this little chap. That’s the second mouth – I’m really picky with mouths and eye placement – it makes a massive difference to the final character. The first was too serious. A bit grown up. This one feels a bit more friendly, and just a tiny bit cheeky – a bit like the little chap he’ll be living with.

And work continues on the broomstick lace scarf. How it’s taking so long i just don’t know. Every other comment I read from other people who’ve made it seems to make out like they practically finished it before they started. Still. It’ll be nice when it’s done – and oddly, I’m still enjoying making it.

scarf ongoing

And finally – for any UK tatters out there – I ordered a book of snowflakes from Roseground and they’ve sold out. They even went to a fair to try and buy more in person and their suppliers had sold out too. I asked it I could swap it for a different book of snowflakes and they have none of that left either! So it sounds like there’s a blizzard of tatted snowflakes on the way this winter.

In the meantime, I’ve ordered Jon’s Tatted Snowflake collection as I’m taking a wee break and I wanted some small but interesting little things to make on the journey. If I can remember how to work a SCMR, all will be well. I’ll let you know.

Autumn tatting

After writing the post on Friday, saying I was almost too nervous to start tatting with my new (HDT) thread, I shut down the mac and started loading up a fresh shuttle. By Friday night, I’d finished! I had to head into town, so tatted on every form of public transport, finishing the last few rings when I got home. It’s Mary Konior’s Posy pattern – but in this instance, it’s a little autumn wreath:


I’ve never guessed the amount of thread I needed so perfectly! I kept thinking ‘Argh! It’s never going to make it, you’ll need to add more in for the very last ring!’ – but it all worked out amazingly well. I had, perhaps, 6″ of thread left on the shuttle, if that.


After tatting with size 100 – just for one project – it was really odd to switch to size 80. It was like tatting with rope. I got used to the change pretty quickly, but was surprised how weird it felt. Anyone who gets annoyed with size 80 twisting in on itself should switch to 100, just for the joy of switching back! It tatted like a dream.

It’s such nice thread to use too. If I had to use one thread forever, I would use this thread, in this colourway. As you can see from the pictures (overdone, I know – I just got a bit over excited) it’s in perfect autumn colours. The yellow is spot on – that real mustardy yellow that looks so great in the sunshine. I actually don’t think I’ve ever tatted anything I’ve liked this much!

Oddly, I’m not a massive fan of variegated thread. Often it has white between the colours, or there’s quite a harsh line between each colour. This one feels like it blends in really well – and all the colours work properly together – there’s no jarring colour thrown in. I’m now wondering if I should buy more, just, y’know, incase. It’s from Yarnplayer’s etsy store.

I think the thread works well with this pattern as it’s not that complicated too. A complicated pattern with a complex bunch of colours can often be too much for me. I’m thinking I might use more of the thread to tatt around a ring though. And then I’ll hang them up maybe – two little autumn wreaths.

another one!

That aside, I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show with my mum yesterday, and it was great. Feet-achingly busy, but fun having a wander round. I bought some new yarn for crochet), which I’m itching to get started with – but am resisting. I have to make another elephant, for a friend’s daughter, and a monkey for their son. So far I’m two ears, two legs and half an elephant head down, so I guess I should get back to it.

Hope you’re having a nice weekend, and maybe even seeing some sunshine too.

A posy in white

Or rather, ecru. I decided to remake the posy and get it right this time. It’s the Mary Konior pattern of just rings, and the thread is size 100, so it’s quite small:

Mary Konior's posy pattern

While I was finishing this off, some HDT I’d ordered arrived from Yarnplayer– and it’s gorgeous. I was torn between wanting to drop everything and use it immediately – and thinking it’s too nice to use incase I mess it up!

A wandering mind tats no joins

Lots going on at the moment. My brain feels like a ball of thread too tightly wound – but pull one end and the whole lot will unravel in a heap on the floor. Lazy analogy, but you know what I mean.

I was tatting around a plastic ring and screwed it up, so with a full shuttle and no ball attached I thought it might be nice to try Mary Konior’s Posy pattern. It’s just made of rings, so a total joy to tat on the train. Also – it’s really pretty! I’ve been meaning to make it for ages.

Only bad thing is that I wasn’t really concentrating on the last group of 5 petals. I missed the joins – and so now I have a quite neatly tatted (even if I do say so myself) crescent of tatted flowers.

Were I a human of pocket-sized proportions, I’d probably be quite pleased. Would look quite nice as a miniature collar.

There are several upsides though. The first – I’ve found out l like tatting this pattern. It’s nice n’ easy for the train and it’s a good one for those times you find yourself with a shuttle full of thread and nothing to do with it. (I have a habit of winding on too much thread). Also, I’ve made my mistake now on thread I’m not that bothered about – which means this is the perfect project for some HDT I’ve just ordered from Yarnplayer, as hopefully I wont make the same mistake again. We shall see…