En garde!

Knitting with DPNs

Word is, there are actually people who *like* knitting with DPNs… that’s true, right? I didn’t make that up? All I can think is that it’s like your first taste of alcohol—you just can’t believe people get involved with this for pleasure. I am willing to believe that it could be possible, but right now it’s way more pain than pleasure. Give me the nice circular needles any day.

This is an iPhone sock, it’s me forcing myself to use DPNs but keeping it simple with a knit 2 / purl 2 rib. It’s also given me a wonderful chance to pick up dropped stitches with a crochet hook… Not exactly on purpose, but hey. Now I know it can be done. (And that knitting is just a weird collection of crocheted chains). I was going to say that if you never see this again, lets not mention it – but you know what? I should blog my terrible things too. Life isn’t perfect and it’s good to learn from your mistakes. Hopefully I’ll blog it good or bad.

crochet rose

This is a crocheted brooch I made for a friend. I like it actually. It’s a generic rose pattern, of which there are millions on the internet  – most of which are the same, but just start with a different number of chained stitches. The leaves are loosely based on those from Attic 24. I say loosely as I made this while watching The Shield (box set, we’ve just finished series 3), and I wasn’t really counting anything properly.

A while back I bought some brooch backs, but have yet to use them so this seemed like a good chance. Terrible photo and off centre stitching but…

brooch back

You can see that this is quite a nice back. It’s good and solid. It comes in two parts, one is a disc with holes in, to which you sew your fabric front and the other is what you can see here, which you attach to the first disc by folding little metal claws with pliers. I got the backs from eBay – must make more use of them.


I’ve had one long train journey this week, so I ended up making another of these—the beaded one. The other one I made just to see what it would be like with variegated thread. They are so nice to make I can’t stop. And they photograph so nicely!


Ahem. Anyway. Back to knitting and the gentle art of stabbing myself in the hand.


10 thoughts on “En garde!

  1. Ooooo, dpns… You are brave. Not sure I can remember how to use the normal pair of knitting needles and definitely can’t do dpns! Brooch looks great as do the circle/beady thingies…. Variegated thread works well. Hope you are well stocked with plasters!

  2. Pretty brooch and tatting. I really like your “sea urchins.” It’s hard to believe they are so tiny and still so intricate. I haven’t tatted in quite a while, so I am amazed anew.

    Do you have a couple of circular needles in the right size? I’ve made socks with two circular needles. It’s so much easier than wrestling with the DPNs. Here’s a video by Cat Bordhi on how to do it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RybPvCNfrT8

    • Hi Ann, thanks for commenting, and for the link! I have made one hat with circular needles and I loved it, but as I’m just getting into knitting I thought I should try DPNs too. I guess it allows you to be more flexible if you can do both maybe. That said, given the comparison I’m now tempted to buy circular needles in every size available!

      • Yeah, I’m a circular needle fan. I like that they don’t slide out of your stitches easily. Some of the knitters in my knitting group have said circulars are all they use.

  3. The only way to mend knitting is with a crochet hook (also casting off)! I’m still slogging through a jumper for a VeryTallMan, so I’ll show my work, good or bad, if you do!

  4. I like tatting with dpns:) Granted it takes me a few tries to remember to switch out needles, but once I get that down, I enjoy working with them. I think it makes it easier to count rows without having to worry about a marker and it makes the rows go by faster. The rose brooch is pretty.

  5. OH, such beautiful delicate work… must have a go, but still mastering the art of crochet, will take an age to get as perfect as your work…. thanks for sharing!
    Bye, Jay x

    • Hello Jay, thank you so much for stopping by 🙂 I think if you take a wee look through some of my other posts, you’ll spot that my work is far from perfect, but thank you for the compliment! Good luck with the crochet – I don’t think it’ll take you long to get up to speed.

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