Tatting, biscuits and running

small tatted rings

I haven’t had a chance to tat for *ages*. I’m not sure what on earth is going on with the trains but since the new year they’ve been late and/or overcrowded, which means no seat—which in turn means no tatting. I can, and have, tatted standing up on the train before, but recently the journeys have been the kind when you’ve needed to hold on with all your might and all your limbs.

tatted close up

That said, I’ve gone back to an old tactic over the last week or so. If there are two trains heading for home in the evening, I take the second one. The extra wait occasionally means there’s a slight chance of a seat. All of this is almost a moot point though, as I’m in the middle of changing jobs, so who knows what my new journey will be like..! We shall see. Anyway, I did some tatting!

size and scale

The one above is a tester. Forgive my horrible hand, but I thought it would be useful to get a sense of scale. As much as I love closeup shots, you can’t tell how big they are at all. For the record, they’re pretty small. This is size 80 thread. They’re lovely and solid though. In all but the testers, the rings interlock, which makes them feel quite sturdy. The one directly above was when I was wondering how to fix the last ring. The answer? Not like that! It needs to be a self closing mock ring.

thread and shuttle

Something about them makes me think of sea urchin shells, not sure why. Not even sure what I’ll do with them yet, but they’re really nice to tat (mindless, until the last two rings which is just what I need at the moment.)

So that’s that.

tatted experiments

In other news, I sent a little package of older tatting experiments off in the post to a friend and his three children. I dropped him a quick email to ask if his children were still at the gluing and sticking stage, and he replied that they were. These odds and ends are nice, but not perfect — just experiments with different threads, things that are almost ok but not quite… you know the kind of thing. Feels awful to throw them away, but you can’t think what to do with them. I think they’ll be great for collaging or scrapbooking or something, so off they went. He received them yesterday and seemed very happy, so that’s all good.


Now, if you can work out what these are I will be AMAZED. Any ideas? No? Well, they’re biscuits baked in the shape of Nürburgring, which is, broadly speaking a race circuit in Germany. My boyfriend bought ‘me’ a cookie cutter in the shape of the track when he went on a visit for work. He finds it hilarious to buy me domestic gifts because, well, I’m just not that domesticated.

I do not bake — seriously, I am not a baker. I am however an eater. These are the first cookies/biscuits I have ever made, and they are delicious. The simplest recipe ever — but if I can help it I’ll never bake again. The main reasons for this being:
1) I know how much butter is in them
2) there would’ve been more had I not eaten a stack of the dough in the process (don’t panic, there are more than shown in the photo!)
3) see point 2

I have a lot of hobbies. I make all kind of things. A hobby that produces surplus sweet food seems like madness to me, I’ll end up the size of a house! (These were biscuits for his birthday.)

ON THE OTHER HAND, I went for an 8k run on Friday and a 7k one on saturday. Last year I completed my first, second and third 10k races. It was hard work, a lot of fun, and really good to have something away from work to strive for. I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite the sense of achievement as when I ran my first 10k. It was, frankly, amazing, and possibly the highlight of my year. This year it’s been harder to get out there. I was ill for a few weeks, I was injured for a few weeks, then I was ‘too busy’. A chance reading of this point from Night’s Watch made me buck my ideas up though. She’s running in ice and snow, and yet I can’t run in a slight chilly wind? Sheesh! So. I’m back on that again. I’m running super-slowly just to get out there and enjoy it at the moment. I’ll worry about speed in a month or so.

So that’s me up to date. (There was knitting but I frogged it. Hopefully next time).

Hope you’re well. Thanks for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “Tatting, biscuits and running

  1. I’ve heard of tatting but have no idea what it is. Whatever it is it’s pretty.
    Good job on the running. I pretty much never work on speed…and haven’t increased distance much this past year. I might seek out a set training program once the weather is consistently stable here. That should help with both of those.

    • Tatting is like a less complicated form of lacemaking – you do it with a shuttle or a needle. It’s very portable, which is why I usually do it on the train 🙂
      I think the more you run, the faster you’ll get in some ways, simply as you’ll get a bit fitter. At the moment though, I think it’s important to just get out there and enjoy it, without any extra pressure. I’m not training for the Olympics, after all.

      • I think you’re right. There was this girl on my son’s high school cross country team two years ago who was impressively fast as a senior, like 16-17 minute 5Ks. I guess when she started running a few years before that she was average but then just started running more & more and pushing herself. You might see her in the Olympics one day but that’s never been my goal. I’m a slower steady runner.
        Actually I was faster than I thought I’d be at the 5K I did yesterday. One of the things I love about running is the focus on personal challenges and victories.

        Thanks for the explanation of tatting. I’ve always wondered.

  2. Lovely little beaded circles. So cute.

    I’m always so pleased to see a post of yours, your stuff is always so gorgeous and understated.

    I will learn eventually and accept that offer of a pint in the pub and a tatting lesson

  3. Hello O.C.!

    I really like the look of those rings! I’m new to anything but the most basic rings and chains. How do you get the inside edges to line up like that?

    Best wishes for success on your new job!


    • Hi Dawn, thank so much for commenting! The insides do line up quite nicely, I’d love to say that it was me, but the tatting just does that naturally. Basically if you butt up each ring really tightly to the next, they’ll curve naturally. Takes a wee bit of practise to get them to butt up that tightly but just give it a bit of time.
      Good luck with your tatting – to be honest, if you’ve got basic rings and chains you’re 95% of the way there.

  4. The little medallions are intriguing! I do see why they would remind you of sea urchins, though I was thinking more along the lines of microorganisms (some of which I find very beautiful!). I would never have guess on the cookies – my thought was porcupines. I am impressed by your running. I wish I could make myself like it, but no luck yet. Good luck finding more time to run!

  5. Those are beautiful little circle beady thingies. They do look shell-like. I’m in awe of your running… Not something I can do/enjoy!

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