Monkeying around

I keep meaning to post an update here, and my lack of photographic skillz scuppers me every single time. I finally finished the monkey I was making for my friend’s son, and so he was packed off with the elephant I’d already made for their daughter.

While my photos of him were a bit rubbish, I was really pleased with the way he turned out. Actually, he was my best yet in that style I think. I didn’t follow a pattern for the arms and legs, but used this pattern (as ever) for the head. I always change the face as i kinda like them not looking exactly the same, and this ones face came out really nicely (even if i do say so myself). I did try a couple of different mouth positions, now i think of it. Little things like a mouth too high or too low can really change the character. This wee chap looks quite young, but bright eyed and hopeful, I think.

Z's monkey

I posted them off just after the first lot of snow (but before the second) and they got to their destination in record time. The mum and dad loved them – now they’re packed away until Christmas, to be given to the kids.

I’ve finished a bunch of other stuff too so will try and take some pictures over the next few days, if I can. Mostly I want nice pictures of my broomstick lace scarf which I finally finished! More of that another day.

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