Tatted snowflakes in action

What with the actual snow, I got a bit behind in sending out my tatted snowflakes. This is good and bad. Mainly good – it means I have a few for my own tree!

in action

I must admit, I took a step back and was really very pleasantly surprised by how nice they look. I’m not claiming to be the world’s greatest tatter or anything – but they really are pretty. Tatting works so well for snowflakes. If you were going to invent a snowflakey art, you’d probably invent tatting.

in action 2

I loved Jon’s book of patterns. Having said that, I got really fixated on this one design (above) as once I had it memorised it was the ideal commuter-flake! (I tat most on the train). Once the Christmas rush is over, I’ll try a few more. I love the fact lots of them use split rings etc – techniques I’d sort of learnt but had yet to use. There’s so much work that’s been put into the design and writing of the book, it’s really fantastic to be able to buy it and support/say thanks to someone who contributes so much to the community. If you’re in the mood for some new patterns I’d strongly recommend it.


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