A pig called Sunday

After the tatting in the previous post, I’ve been crocheting a lot this week. I still need to finish the green scarf I mentioned a few posts ago—mainly because it’s getting cold and I’d like to wear it! So I’ve been taking that on the commute instead recently. Being such thin yarn it’s still really light and portable.

Then, on Wednesday I saw such a cute little pattern I decided I should drop everything and make that instead. I had to wait until the weekend though, and so yesterday was spent making this wee chap:


Believe it or not, I actually forced myself to start with the ears – usually I sew ears on to heads as I go, so it does make sense. As it happens, this was so small it was easier to sew them to the completed head..


The pattern is amazing actually—the head is all one piece (ie, the nose is crocheted as part of the head, not sewn on). It was great to watch it take shape, and for once in my life I counted every stitch very carefully.

finished pig

The body is made from the feet up. Personally, I think if I made it again, I’d do it from the neck down, as it feels like it might be neater. Instead of the waist being decreases they’d be increases and I think it could look better, also I’m used to working that way for the sock monkeys.

I did also sew little chain stitch rings around the arms and waist for the edges of the jumper. I was quite impressed with myself for remembering how to do it after all these years! The head was so difficult to attach at that size that I did sit there for 5 minutes having a panic about whether it was even possible, but I got there in the end!

2 thoughts on “A pig called Sunday

    • Aww, thank you 🙂 he’s not for sale – and I’m such a slow crocheter you’d be waiting forever! If you follow the link to the pattern though, you could either make your own, or perhaps the person who wrote the pattern would make you one. (it does say she would rather people didn’t make them to sell, but if it’s her pattern she’ll probably let herself!)
      Thank you so much for the nice comment!

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