In the pink


I’ve had a very nice afternoon, but by the time you read this, it will’ve been a week ago. I’ve been making a present for my mum, and I know she reads my blog sometimes, and so I wont post this until the gift is given!


This is not quite what I was intending to make – I was going to use the daisy chain to decorate this, but it wasn’t working that well. After some consideration I decided to decorate the bag with a different piece of tatting, and add some beads which would co-ordinate with the top section of fabric.

tatting and beads

I love the beads and the fabric actually – they’re a nice muted sage green. I sewed the beads on as I stitched the tatting to the fabric, which worked quite well. Biggest problem was finding a needle small enough to go through the beads – I keep buying needles and can only assume that the Borrowers get to them before I do, as I can never find them!

I really like the piece of tatting on here – I was unsure about it before, but I think it looks perfect on a bag like this, embellished with beads. (I’m tempted to make another one now! It was from this pattern, and looks rather different here.)


And there’s the pink! I used a pink lining for the inside, which just peeps out at the top. I’m really pleased with it, as I think it just adds something a wee bit extra – I love how muted the rest of it is, with pink to add some contrast.

I had to hand stitch around the top as the bag was too small for machine sewing. It’s not perfect, but I did my best. I hope she likes it.

9 thoughts on “In the pink

  1. Very, very lovely. The beads tie the contrasting top fabric to the bottom beautifully and similarly the touch of green on the pink inside ties it to the outside. Most excellent, I like 😀

  2. P.S. we have been to the school summer fair today and the boys, independently of each other, both bought Darth Vader masks from their friends stall. We didn’t know till we got home! So it’s all gone a bit like that car advert here!!!

  3. As the person who recieved the bag I can only say I love it. Thank you.
    The bead problem is easily solved just buy yourself a pack of beading needles or size 10sewing needles, eyes are a bit small but they pass through a bead easily. I think the daisy chain looks great and would make a good lid for a box.

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