Advance new year wishes


Hello! Hope you had a good Christmas (I did!). I have a raging cold right now, and so this is a quick post to wish you well for the new year. Above are some little stockings I made as gifts (although the stripy one is wrong, so I remade it differently). They’re not too hard to do for an inexperienced knitter as they’re made flat and then stitched. Actually, the stitching might be the hardest part… It’s this pattern again, from Little Cotton Rabbits.

I’ve also been trying to knit in the round on 3 dpns – nothing as small as these stockings – but damn it’s hard! I think I’ve got it now, but I’ve frogged everything I’ve done so far. I’ve almost taken an eye out once! It’s gotta be said, crochet does have some things over knitting, and just using one hook for everything has to be the main one. Hopefully I’ll be able to report some progress soon.

I’ve also got a drop spindle! I’ve watched about 5000 YouTube videos so far, so I’m hoping to make some progress with that too. Frustratingly I was asleep in bed all day yesterday as I felt really rough, but it’ll be a short-ish work week this week, so next weekend should be the perfect time to get started.

That’s all for now. Hope you’re all safe, warm and well. Thanks for sticking with me this year – I’ve really appreciated your comments and encouragement. Hope you have a brilliant 2013!

7 thoughts on “Advance new year wishes

  1. Lovely stockings! Crochet grows much faster than knitting for me and there is only one stitch to drop. Knitting in the round is tricky but not having so many seams to stitch up makes it a winner. I don’t enjoy sewing up knitting 🙂

    • Glad it’s not just me! I thought sewing up crochet was bad, but knitting is much worse! I need to master the art of picking up a stitch, too. At the moment I have to unpick the whole row to pick it up again…

  2. I still don’t think I have enough co-ordination to handle two needles let alone three (there is a good reason why I chose snowboarding (one thing) over skiing (four things)) but glad to hear you’re making headway.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about the drop spindle progress but hope it doesn’t cause *too* much frustration 🙂

    • You’d be fine with two needles! I must admit a hook makes far more practical sense, but once you get going its not so bad. I’m not kidding about almost taking my eye out though. The needles are small but really sharp and pointy!

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