Another wreath!


Less speedy than the last one! This is a lavender bag, tatted as a thank you to Katy for the thread she gave me. I had a bit of a panic about what to tat actually. I need to look for new patterns! As I usually tat on the train though, it’s not always possible. I like to do things I have memorised already (much less of a faff) – also, I wanted to tat something I knew would look nice. I do like the colour of this thread. It’s really close to the colour of the linen, and I think it looks good with the beads.

Katy also gave me some white thread, if you recall, so on the reverse are the flowers I tatted with the two colours together.


The threads are actually different sizes – which on freeform stuff like this is fine, but I spotted it when another Mary Konior pattern I was tatting started looking a bit tight. I adjusted numbers of stitches though, so all good.

I tried extra hard with the sewing on this one – it’s always a bit nerve-wracking making things as gifts. I think it turned out ok though.  Also, Katy has been decluttering her house this year, and I felt a bit bad about sending more clutter as she’s done so well, but I thought… well, it’s useful and will tuck in a drawer and make things smell nice 😉

Thanks again Katy. (Aren’t bloggers nice?)

10 thoughts on “Another wreath!

  1. It’s definitely not clutter!

    It went straight up on my new display tree (bought to use at craft fairs, but it’s so nice I’ve decided to keep it out)! It’s become the centrepiece of my very minimalist Christmas decorations. I have a wee smile to myself every time I see it…bloggers are very nice.

    • Thank you! I bought a Japanese tatting book a while back and there was one thing tatted in a linen colour, with white and it was really pretty. It looks a bit ‘vintage-y’ actually. I’ve been wanting to try the colours together for ages, so this was a good chance. Thanks for commenting!

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