My first tatting pattern…

Yellow and white tatting

Well, the good news is, I’ve got back to tatting on the train again. The bad news is that I decided to finish something off at home earlier and I messed it up! I was listening to a podcast and must’ve stopped concentrating; made and closed the wrong ring — and in thread size 80 I’m not sure I can face battling it open again. I’ll work out what to do with it later. There it is though, and despite me being an idiot, it does photograph well.

Variegated thread

The yellow is a variegated thread, which in this instance, I really like. I only bought it as Roseground where I buy my ecru thread didn’t seem to have a solid yellow in DMC 80 at the time, and it seemed silly to pay postage on just one ball of thread! But you know how that goes…

Red Variegated

I ended up buying some red too, and it’s horrible! I guess if you only use the red and don’t combine it with anything it could be ok, but yeuck. This was just a tatting test to work out a pattern, but it’s so hideous I can’t bring myself to finish it. If there’s anyone in the UK who really loves red/pink variegated thread and will do something much nicer than this with it, shout, and it’s yours 🙂 (And i wont judge you – I’ve probably just chosen to use it badly).

I had a little play with some other colours and shapes too:

Blue green

The pattern didn’t work out on this one but I like the colours. I was using up the ends of two shuttles…

tatted daisy

I had a play around with something more daisy-like too. I really love that yolk-yellow. Not sold on the pattern yet, but might go back to it another time.

Anyway. The outcome of all of this, is that I think I’m done with that pattern. So if you fancied making it too, it works in one or two colours and comes out like this (it’s not stitched on, in this shot):

curtain edging tattingHere’s the pattern – let me know if you try it – and if you spot any mistakes!

free tatting pattern




35 thoughts on “My first tatting pattern…

      • Thanks. I love size 80 but nowadays prefer the Lizbeth as it’s firmer. Still have quite a stash of DMC, though!!!!

      • Ah – only tried thicker Lizbeth. I know it does come in thinner weights now, but hardly ever see it stocked in the UK. I usually get the DMC as that’s what’s most readily available!

      • If you email me I can give you the web site of somebody who will post threads (or anything else tatting related) from the USA at a reasonable price. If you want to!!!

  1. Love the various yellows and white together – now what was it you said about buying yellow threads 🙂

    That said, I really like the green/white combination too.

    I was about to offer a bonus ball of red/pink variegated cotton to whoever volunteered to have yours, but I think I dispatched it to the charity shop when I could no longer fit everything into my crafting cupboard and had to have a turf out. Anyway, yes, not a winning combination for me either 🙂

    And yay! You’ve designed and published a pattern…

  2. That looks awesome. I love seeing new tatting. 🙂 I am a tatter too. I love designing. As long as you had fun making it. I dont like the red one either. It looks horrible.

      • I have been tatting since November 2012. I designed my first pattern within my first two months. 🙂 Currently I prefer to be making my own patterns to using someone elses. 🙂
        Taking the plunge is the easy bit, it is having a pattern at the end that looks nice and that you like. Cause it can and almost always will go wrong at some point. 🙂

  3. I love the use of the white ball thread with the variegated gold thread as it quite striking. I like that use of white space. Your pattern is lovely too and very well illustrated.

  4. Your fragments are beautiful! Opening a ring with size 80 thread is doable, but I tend not to bother. I find at that point it’s easier to cut it out and add a new thread. I don’t think the red/white piece is as horrible as you make it out to be though! It reminds me of my aunt – her kitchen decor is all red and white. No hearts though, so it is not a tacky as it may sound:)

    • Thank you! Yeah, with that final ring I’d got to the point of thinking I should finish anyway, so I’m now thinking if I use it to edge something I might try and hide it in a seam somehow. With the red, it’s more that light red is pink, and the switch from red to pink is a bit garish. The change seems a bit gentler in the yellow. Variegated threads are still a bit if a risk I think. Sometimes you don’t know how they’ll work till you try them.

      • I totally agree with what you are saying about variegated threads. I think I like seeing what others make with them more than actually working with them myself. Based on my limited experience you either need a very simple pattern (which usually is not much fun to make!) or the colors overpower the pattern itself. I much prefer coordinating variegated threads with a solid color to tone it down. Overall though, I think I prefer to admire the colors in hand dyed threads when they are still in a skein:)

  5. I like the yellow middle and white together, I think using a variated thread gives a more natural look especially in flowers, if your look at the colours in a flower they are not all the same, the flower petals are all shades of a solid colour giving more depth to the flower. I hope I wrote that ok.
    Your red/pink looks quite nice perhaps using it on the outside with the white in the middle.
    I do like your edging and thank you for sharing your pattern. I will be using it when I need a border. The border on your curtain tie looks beautiful well done.

  6. Lovely! I was thinking, if I would tat chain B shorter, wouldn’t it curve and make a beautiful necklace?

  7. Your work is so pretty and you have done it so well with such a thin thread. I stopped at #10 thread and cannot go thinner. I like your style as I love flowery crafts.

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