Bearly there

Hello bear

This is just a speedy post as I should be doing about five other things. Its seems like today has been really busy but I’m not even sure I’ve got anything done… Gah. Never mind.

Anyway, this is the little bear I crocheted the other week. He’s quite small…

bear_2He fits into the palm of your hand. This one is made from some un-named crochet cotton I bought at a Knit & Stitch show a few years back. It’s quite nice to crochet actually, but I’m not sure ‘invisible decreases’ quite live up to their name. The stitch definition on this thread is quite clear, so you can see every decrease, ‘invisible’ or otherwise…


He’s quite a bit smaller than the last one though – and I ended up changing the arms on the pattern, as for me personally, I think they’re just a bit too bulky. It’s a nice pattern though – I really love the legs and feet. Looking at it again, I think it’s probably better in a chunkier, more even yarn.


still, you live and learn! Here is is sitting atop my most recent tatting exploits, more of which will come in the next post. Better go for now. Hope you’re having good weekends!

11 thoughts on “Bearly there

  1. Oh he is cute. They both are.

    Glad he has got a nice scarf to keep him warm. Mildly concerned that the larger bear doesn’t have any accessories. He needs a hat or scarf to belong to the OC collection surely?

    Little bear looks a bit likes he’s sitting on a bucking bronco in the bottom photo – trying to balance atop some tatted lavender bags (I’m assuming that’s what they are!)

    • Hmm – not sure what to do with the larger one. I don’t love him, to be honest. Maybe I’d like him more with a scarf? I keep wondering if I should give him to a random child, but… he’s not that giveaway-able. I’d rather he was better. Poor thing.

      And yes, the bottom one does look exactly like he’s on a bucking bronco 🙂

  2. What an adorable little bear! As someone that does not make amigurumi, I can say that I do not see the decreases, so they are invisible to at least some of us! The two bears together are extra cute:)

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