Little woollen rabbit: almost there!


This is another speedy post – my poor fingers are about to drop off! It’s been a wet & windy weekend in the UK, which has made it perfect for knitting. I think this is the first time I’ve had a chance to appreciate the mix of:

  • a free day
  • some lovely yarn – the proper woolly kind that makes you feel well wrapped-up
  • a manageable pattern, where I more-or-less know what I’m supposed to be doing.

If you were *super* interested in this blog, you’d know that I was making the piebald rabbit. He’s supposed to have a patch of colour over one eye. I actually made two ears and a head yesterday, but decided that while I hadn’t done a bad job of the intarsia (even if I do say so myself) it probably wasn’t secure enough to give to a child. I’ll try again with the next one. As it goes, it’s not that hard, but I just wasn’t 100% convinced it was fit for gifting.

Today I made a brand new head (with just the nose is a different colour, and stitched him all together. I also made some trousers:

Bunny & trousers

I have a feeling I made the body a couple of rows too long, so the trousers are a bit short in the body. (They’re meant to be short on the legs). That said, the tail is holding them up – I’ll post some photos next time when the light’s a little better.

Verdict so far though? I love him. And I’m struggling with the whole ‘should IΒ *really* give him away?’ issue. We shall see.

He still needs a jumper but I really think my fingers might fall off if I knit another stitch.

If you’d like to knit your own, I honestly can’t recommend this pattern enough.


7 thoughts on “Little woollen rabbit: almost there!

  1. He’s adorable. I’m making baby bear and mama bear in blue because years ago I crocheted the three bears for my now 44 year old son, the grandson who is 9 has a blue bear he has loved since birth and it goes most everywhere with him still. Anyway, he saw the brown bears and wants a blue one so I’m making them as a Christmas gift for him. I love this bunny too. πŸ™‚

    • That’s lovely! Always nice to have special requests πŸ™‚ I have a feeling that crochet is a bit more robust for children… I’m thinking of making a monkey to gift instead! Do you have a go to pattern for your bears?

      • They were made from a magazine I bought years ago when I made my son’s bears, but I still have the pattern pages that I worked from in that magazine. You’ll find it as a PDF download or I put them also as a .jpg on my site under the Craft Patch page
        Hope you enjoy making them. They’re very easy to make.

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