As predicted…


I’m really not feeling that great. I’ve been waking up around 4am every night for the last seven days with coughing fits. It’s getting really wearing. I’m kind of ok in the day, just this ridiculous chest cough at night. It’s steadfastly refusing to turn into something more, (like a proper cold) and just wearing me down bit by bit. Really tedious.

Anyway. That coupled with general ‘fear of starting a proper project’ and ‘oh my god, how did you end up with so much yarn?’ made me think I should take it easy yesterday and use up some more of the orange.


Actually when you pair this orange with white, it’s nowhere near as horrible. If you pair it with anything else it’s either too milky (It’s Rowan Wool Cotton – they’re all kind of milky) or just too… orange. Perils of buying yarn online I think.

I made this bunny’s head last year but wasn’t thrilled with it. Yesterday I thought ‘use up more yarn! Do something easy, lazy and finish-able!’ And so I decided to finish this off. It is, of course, a Little Cotton Rabbits pattern. I have a feeling it might be one of the first ones that Julie (the designer) made available.

While I was knitting it, I thought many things, mostly:
• Oh my god, what have you become? You’re knitting an egg cosy. Are you like, 90?
• Umm, are you sure this is going to actually fit an egg? You know you knit really tightly,right?
• Friend [X] keeps chickens and has 2 which produce tiny eggs. You can give this to her! It’ll be O.K.
• Damn it! How is it even possible we have no eggs in the fridge?


At 4.45am this morning I thought I should just get up, because lying down really wasn’t cutting it. As I made some honey and lemon what did I see in the fridge?! We did have eggs after all!

I did a little photoshoot there and then. It does it fit, just about – and you know what? I love it. It’s ridiculous, but I love it. I might even make another one. It’s really cheered me up.


5 thoughts on “As predicted…

  1. My husband had a cough back in september which would also wake him at exactly 4 am every night (bit spooky), gradually his progressed to day time too and he coughed for 4 months, looking iller by the day, before seeing a doctor! (I was quite worried.) Fortunately he’s ok now. Must be hard working after not so good nights’ sleeps. Never understood the concept of an egg cosy cos you’re hardly likely to boil an egg and then just leave it there, but I suppose the cosy gives the egg a bit of personality! If you made your cosy bigger you’d have yourself a weird little hat!

    • Oh lordy. Glad he’s ok now. I’m assuming this will just turn into a cold at some point but it’s really taking it’s time about it. I think it’s more likely that the neighbours will hire a hitman and bump me off at the moment. It must also be driving them a bit crazy.

      And yeah… I thought about this regarding the egg cosy. They’re kind of for children I guess..? But also, I assume for people who have 2 eggs, so you can eat one and keep one warm. Do kids eat eggs 2 at a time? Maybe it’s for people who cook eggs for others before they’ve arrived at the table, and to keep them warm until they get there? In which case, I think this means I need to hire staff. It seems the next logical step. Someone to boil me eggs to then make use of the cosy.

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