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I’ve neglected this blog a little (ok, a lot) as I’m still in craft limbo. I talked before about not being able to settle into a project and it’s still the same. Starting and then not understanding a human-sized pattern hasn’t helped:


This was going to be my go-to project for a bit. ‘Go-to’ projects are good I think – you know what you’re working on, there’s no decision to be made you can just pick it up and carry on. You just relax into it and the process itself is relaxing. Getting stuck means that I kind of feel bad for not persevering, but then after a busy week at work I’m not sure I can face the perseverance. Then what do do? Not skilled enough to make what I’m supposed to be making, but still want to make something… so…

I made this chap recently:


And actually, he’s very badly knitted, but I am a bit in love with him. He started out with a pink embroidered nose, which I disliked, so I left him as just a head for ages. A visiting friend picked up the head and berated me for not giving him a body. Feeling bad I unpicked the pink nose and did as I was told. (Who knew you could also unpick a nose…)


I think he’s a really nice size. And also, maybe I’m really just a kid who hasn’t grown up… I really like making toys. That said, this Millennium Falcon belongs to the Mr:


Aside from that, I stitched up a few lavender bags from the tatting I had lying around:


This is kind of hilarious because honestly, that little ribbon is so off centre it’s a miracle it’s even in the shot at all. The power of photography, eh? I did get a bit impatient with the sewing machine. I always want to be better at things than I am.

Time this year has also been taken up in other ways. I’ve worked on our little garden a lot, and it’s been really lovely to watch it grow. On a work trip to Boston (USA) earlier in the year I had a spare Sunday afternoon and walked to the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. There is a central garden inside the house, and many of the balconies had window boxes full of beautiful trailing nasturtiums.


The lighting was a little tricky, but hopefully you get the idea. (And yes, it does look very Italian, despite being in the USA). I came home and immediately planted a packet of mixed nasturtium seeds, all of which dutifully sprang forth.


People talk about ‘splashes of colour’ – I’m not sure there’s a more apt description. This photo was taken a week or so ago. They look a bit battered today as the rain has been so heavy this weekend. I’ve also been baking a fair bit.


These are ridiculously easy ginger biscuits. A little darker than usual as I ran out of sugar and added some black treacle. (Good move). Baking has all the joy of craft I think, with the massive added bonus that you can eat it at the end…

8 thoughts on “Busy/not busy

  1. The little rabbit with the Millennium Falcon is adorable! All the little “toys” you make are; I’m amazed by the tiny knitting you do.
    Also, now I’m inspired to look into growing some of those flowers. I’ve got a garden going this year for the first time in ages and am really enjoying it. Mostly I’ve got vegetables and a few fruits started; I’m eager to see how things ripen over the next couple months.

    • Thank you! And it’s so nice to her your have your garden growing. I think once you get going and put the effort in to plant stuff for yourself you suddenly feel a lot more connected to it. I’ve really enjoyed it this year. We don’t have a lot of space really so I’ve just grown bedding plants (flowers) really but we had a lot of sun and a lot of rain so they’ve gone a bit nuts – in a good way. Nasturtiums are quite easy to grow I think. Most are in pots but the one I planted in the ground looks like it’s about to take over the neighbourhood. Nice flowers and nice leaves though, so the neighbourhood will just have to put up with it!

  2. (wouldn’t let me comment first time around, here’s hoping.) Firstly, is the grown up knitting the ‘thing’ in the round? I couldn’t begin to contemplate knitting in the round, too scary. I’m the same re: settling into my knitting. I nearly finished all my bear pieces ages ago and then got permanently distracted! Secondly, your exceptionally good little rabbit drawings reminded me a tiny bit of Piglet, in the original Pooh drawings – just a tiny bit, I can still see he’s a rabbit! Hope you don’t mind me saying! You clearly have skill in the drawing department. How you translated a drawing into a knitted piece is beyond me.
    All three of my sons are currently Star Wars obsessed. The photo you took in Boston looks just like one of the houses in an adult colouring book I ordered called Romantic Country, by a woman who draws all the pictures in ink using toothpicks! My adult colouring-in passion faded last year but it’s now come back since I found her books. Have you tried the colouring in craze, or do you prefer to create your own art/craft work?
    You beat me in the neglecting-your-blog-stakes – I thought leaving a month between posts was neglect!

    • The grown up thing isn’t in the knitted in the round but it is on a circular needle. (I think it has to be to hold more stitches?) Knitting in the round isn’t great, but it is do-able. That said, knitting flat is so much more relaxing I think. Right now I just want something easy that will turn out ok. It’s terrible perhaps not to want to be challenged, but really, I just want a rest! And yes I totally know what you mean about piglet, someone else said the same thing. Maybe I should try and make one on purpose?

      I… well, I was going to say that I can’t believe you have a colouring in book drawn by someone with a toothpick, but actually, coming from you I think I can believe it 🙂 I haven’t got involved with the colouring in craze as I do draw a bit anyway (although mostly on the computer, I trained as a graphic designer). And my boyfriend is closer to your age than your sons I believe, but still hasn’t grown out of star wars. If anything, it’s getting worse.

      I thought it was about time I updated the blog, just incase anyone does read it and thought I’d died of the aforementioned cough! Thank you for sticking with it.

      • I don’t think it’s terrible not to want to be challenged – I’ve spent my life trying to avoid rising to the challenge! You work too (unlike me) no wonder you need a rest and crafting should be restful. Knitting is truly what got me through the early child rearing years. The colouring in is very restful. I stumbled upon Enchanted Forest in sainsbury (having never heard of adult colouring in and got hooked) but recently found Romantic Country on YouTube and the pictures just make me feel all safe and childlike. You’d be very good at colouring due to your art training I would think.

        The Star Wars craze is getting worse for people of any age I think. My sons are all more obsessed now than previously (but they were very young previously) and discuss theories about what will happen next. One of son no.2’s CGI friends worked on The Force Awakens so much kudos there! I’m a big fan of Mark Hamill; he comes over as possibly the nicest bloke in the universe.

  3. Just adorable…now all it needs is a name. Wish I could knit. I do enjoy sewing my little teddy bears and it can get frustrating when things don’t turn out the way you want, but in the end they are all special little toys.

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