Not everyone loves tatting…

It looks like someone has been playing around with my tatting. He does look rather happy about it though, basking in the sunshine. This little fella is called Treeson. He’s been sitting on the shelf for ages and begged to be included in the photos at the last minute. What I think he really wanted was to be dusted. Ahem.

Moving swiftly on, this little lady is clearly horrified with the very idea of tatting. Either that or she just hadn’t realised beads were a *thing*.


But a *thing* they are. I think the ones she finds so horrific are my favourites actually. They look really glassy – they’re really pretty. I like them with the ecru thread too, even if they are a tad large.


When I bought those it was on a whim — I was actually looking for tiny pearls (well, fake pearls). I was at the Creative stitches and Hobbycrafts show at ExCel. It was packed though, and I couldn’t really find what I was after. I bought these, which I’m in two minds about:


They’re a bit hard to photograph. I like the subtlety but these are clearly tiny pieces of tube, so they’re not rounded at the edges, if that makes sense – and I think they’d be nicer if they were. I think this will actually look nice sewn on to linen (was just going to make a bunch more lavender bags or something). It’ll be subtle, but pretty  – not quite as girly/pretty if you see what I mean. A bit more understated. We shall see.

Here’s a not very pretty shot of some green Japanese beads…


Same pattern – I used these beads on a bag I made for my mum – and they’re actually tiny (the thread is size 80, so quite thin – close up photos are a bit misleading). For the bag, they’re actually sewn on, rather than tatted in. You can just about see here though, how nice they are compared to the white ones – they’re rounded at the edges. I think on the whole, they’re too subtle on the green thread – too good a match actually, for things bought independently. Lovely beads though. Might try them tatted in to the ecru. (Apologies, I have no idea where on earth I got them from.)

So yes. Been a busy few weeks tatting on the train, which I’ve really enjoyed. There’s something great about having a pattern committed to memory so you can relax your brain to and from work – while being productive at the same time. I’m a strong advocate of repetitive craft as meditation, I think. Keeps the stressy part of your brain busy, and leaves the other part free to concentrate on the bigger things.

Now, if i could just get this one to calm down…

stay calm

Have a good weekend – and if you’re in the UK, a good bank holiday!


9 thoughts on “Not everyone loves tatting…

  1. oh, I like what you have been doing! I hav been putting heavy knitting time so there’s little tattign to show – but I finally cast off the big knitting project! As soon as I block it and sew the buttons, it is certainly going to get a blog post!

    I like your bead tests. I think my favourite are the Japanese ones, so dainty!

  2. I’m with Treeson, the tatting is gorgeous as usual and I very much like the inclusion of the beads. I get a bit magpie like with beads and sequins and buttons…

  3. Love the different beads! I agree that working on a repetitive piece is almost like meditation. To me doing something with my hands is very calming and tatting is especially good for that. Counting the stitches keeps me focused just enough to clear my head, but not enough to overwhelm me on a busy/hectic day. And since I am a habitual counter, it keeps my mind from wandering as it sometimes can when I make either bobbin lace or needle lace.

    • You know what – until you mentioned you’re a habitual counter I’d never realised that I am too. But I count in sets. For example, the journey from work involves a massive escalator, which i always walk up. As I walk I usually count in sets for four – for absolutely no reason what so ever. But I do it all the time. Nice to know I’m not alone!

  4. First time on your blog, love your tatting, the beads are lovely but finding small pearls is proving difficult to me too.
    Lovely pattern is it your own?
    So far it’s been a lovely weekend, staying in Oxford and its warmer here than Somerset, trees and shrubs are a bit more ahead here than home.
    Have a lovely bank holiday

    • Hi Margaret, thank so much for stopping by and commenting! The pattern isn’t one of mine actually, it’s from a Japanese tatting book. I did find a similar one online though, which I tatted here, and you can find here

      I was just doing a quick look online for beads (in the UK) and found these different types. They’re not quite pearls, but they might do. The huge plus of tatting as a hobby is that on the whole, the threads and beads are very cheap 🙂

      Hope you enjoyed Oxford and the sun continued to shine!

  5. They are just soooo lovely and they are the most gorgeously delicate addition to any accessory (your mum’s bag is divine!!). Love the white on white

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