A herd of tatted lavender bags

tatted lavender bags

Do you think you could call them a herd? Not entirely sure, but they’re certainly gathering. Things have changed again work-wise for me, so I’m back to a regular commute. Even better, I’m back to a regular commute that more often than not affords me a seat, which is great news. It’s also exceptionally slow, due to engineering works, which is less great (but very British, to be honest). This means I have more time to tat.

Tatting on my leg

There you can see an over processed iPhone photo taken while I was tatting on the train. I’ve been working on my own patterns a lot, using the ANKARS technique of overlapping rings. I must admit, I’m really enjoying it.

Adding beads

This bit is always less fun – not sure why but the sewing drives me a little nuts. Some beads I add as I tat, others I’ve started sewing in at the end…


Last weekend I finally had enough time, and enough semi-complete pieces to get out the sewing machine. What I *didn’t* have is any fresh lavender. The stuff I have is getting on a bit now, and I was a little concerned. That said, it’s performed admirably, and the corner of the house where they’re currently all piled up smells amazing.

Envelope back

I decided to go for envelope backs on the bags – partly due to the concern of the lavender not being fresh and needing to be replaced, and partly because it gives me a higher chance of finishing the edges neatly. If you do it like this, there’s no need to hand finish the edges! They also look kinda cute – but I neglected to take a photo… sorry about that.


In the end I made six complete bags. I have another two that still need to be stitched on to fabric – and I got some new thread at the weekend, so there could be more to come. Not 100% sure what to do with them all right now, but… well… as I said, that corner of the house smells amazing.


And there’s still more tatting knocking about that needs to be ‘dealt with’… But as it goes, there are worse things to worry about.

12 thoughts on “A herd of tatted lavender bags

  1. I’m not sure herd is a gentle enough word. A gathering? A delight?

    Bottom picture, middle top piece of tatting, is it as 3D as it looks? Could you do more to make a walnut whip shape? No idea why you’d want to mind you. I’m just curious!

    Anyway. They’re pretty as always

    • Ah, no, that bottom pic is a little pile of pieces which are all very similar. (Bad habit, but I was perfecting a technique of the final ring). The other pieces with the beads are getting more 3d though. That’s kind of where I’m heading, I think.

      You know that lavender I gave you all that time ago? I’ve almost finished the rest of it!

    • Thank you! I started making them as I was learning how to use a sewing machine – and they were also an easy way to actually do something with small pieces of tatting. I quite like it as they make good gifts, and even if you get tired of looking at them, they still function well!

    • Thank you! They’re a good beginners project actually. Small, so not too much sewing or too much tatting, and hopefully no matter what level you’re at, you’ll *still* have something you can use 🙂

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